Ellen – Day 4

Within this post from Ellen is one of the reasons why I am more than happy to stay in Blity and pray for them rather deal with the local critters!

STORM Web-blog

Last night, team leader Andy advised us all to get an early night, because some of us (i.e. everyone except Grandpa Gerald, because he doesn’t need notes – because he’s amazing) stayed up into the wee hours writing up our Colossians talks the previous evening. So we spent the evening eating, washing our clothes (N.B. a cross makes a great washing line) and writing down the “Malarious Blantyre” (Hilarious Banter) from the trip so far. We’re all journaling, because we’re all dead thoughtful and that.

Then that night whilst we were all winding down, Stef comes out into the verrranda with yet another insect she’d removed from our room. Big deal, yeah whatever, if I was any smaller I think she’d try and remove me from our room – Stef isn’t much of a bug fan. However, when she mentioned that these maggot-like creatures were on our beds, I gave…

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