Swallows at Newark Castle

As we entered the gatehouse I saw the telltale sign of lime on the stone slabs declaring that something was nesting above, and indeed there was and on this occasion it was swallows.

The two remaining chicks (originally there were 5 but 5 are too many for the parents to feed and it is a case of survival of the fittest and the strongest push the weaker ones out of the nest), where being quiet active moving around quite a bit in their nest.

swallows 1However as soon as they were aware that parents bearing gifts were approaching they readied themselves to face the incoming insects which had been plucked from the air around the castle.

swallows 2The parents were in and out so quickly I just couldn’t catch them with the camera, however at one point they took a very brief rest on the brick wall of the shipyard next to the castle.

swallows 3They were remarkably well camouflaged and I don’t think I have ever seen a swallow not in flight before.

Meanwhile it wont be long until these two leave their nest and join their parents in swooping the grass to collect tasty morsels for themselves.

swallows 4

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