Yesterday we were heading off to a 50th birthday party down the Ayrshire coast so I decided that we would take the opportunity to visit Newark Castle on the way.  (Hubby has blogged about the castle here.)  I have long lost count of the number of times I have driven past the castle saying to myself that I need to return at some other time to actually visit it.  As the Historic Scotland website says: “This 15th century castle is mainly associated with Patrick Maxwell.  His achievements in elegantly extending Newark are diminished by his notoriety for murdering two neighbours and beating his wife of 44 years and mother of his 16 children.”  The castle sits of the banks of the Clyde at Port Glasgow with views over towards Argyll and was worth the visit if only for the family of swallows that I discovered (pictures of them later).

Newark Castle over to ArgyllAfterwards we headed up and across the Old Largs Road a charming drive that like many of Scotland’s single track roads you share it with the animals and while sheep will happily wander out the way as you approach the cows just stare at you or keep grazing, patience is a virtue this is no short cut.

cows on the roadWe stopped off at the peaceful calm Loch Thom which thank to the bleating sheep, calling gulls and oyster catchers – busy protecting their young from us interlopers – was actually far from peaceful on the ears!

oyster catchersAfter a fabulous time down in Largs with the Vikings one of the biggest joys of having a convertible, a night time drive with the top down back home, its been too long.


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