The Work of the People

Usually a hour hour meeting would be something to bemoan, however last nights meeting was an absolute joy; there is something wonderfully refreshing, something that warms my heart and brings joy to my soul, when people want to learn about liturgy.  Last night a group got together to wow, ahhh, learn and silently ponder on the liturgy and boy did they want to learn!  Of course one of the biggest barriers to learning can often be the baggage that is brought along to such discussions.  Last night was different there was no baggage, no well I’ve always thought this, or why don’t we do this like we used to, or the modern language isn’t as poetic, for all the members of the group came from a non SEC background.

As their understanding grew so did their questions, and as their questions were explored they became more and more confident about speaking about their own faith.  I have a great passion for liturgy partly because I have seen the profound effects it can have on people however I am not sure I have ever been aware, even if I have witnessed it, how understanding the liturgy can free people to enthusiastically talk about their faith.  In the past I have held courses on the liturgy, run a series of sermons on it over the summer months and of course included teaching on it in confirmation preparation.  I have seen people’s faith grow and develop as they have discovered that liturgies are about more than the words, I have seen the liturgy be the first step of faith for some, I have seen liturgy offer comfort and strength at times when no other words help, but never before have I been so aware of it to so empowering and giving people confidence to talk of their faith.  My prayer this morning is long may it continue to do so.

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