Hobby Fair

On Saturday All Saints held a Hobby Fair, at it members of the congregation brought along examples of their various hobbies to share.  It was wonderful to see the youngsters getting involved.  Amongst them were coin collectors, lego model makers, artists and a fine collection of badges which all started with a trip to an RSPB site and buying a blue tit lapel pin – can you spot it here?

BadgesWhile the adults displayed their embroidery skills – Saturdays felt Glasgow picture was one just one remarkable piece by a very talented member of the congregation – boy was I envious of her talents.  And then of course there was the big boys toys!  Hubby with his models, he stuck to the airfix kits, he has blogged about it here, part of a train set freed from the confines of the loft and the battle of Kilmadinny – don’t go looking it up it was fictitious – being held in miniature.

Battle of KilmadinnyThe big boys really take their hobbies seriously the rulers were in evidence to make sure nobody moved further than they were supposed to on the battlefield while there was a tank guarding the railway station!

There would have been more pictures had I checked the battery in my camera before setting off, or taken my camera bag along with the spare.


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