Dear Chicken Licken, Now I Understand.

Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you that I like gadgets and gizmos, I embrace modern technology and while it occasionally has its hiccups on the whole I have found it to be at least as reliable as the alternatives.

There were however two things that I held back on the first being e-books.  Despite having an early one I rarely used it as it wasn’t very user-friendly, it wasn’t comfortable to read and so I happily joined with the Luddites to laud proper paper and ink.  However those of you who have followed this blog for a while will also know that all changed and now I use a Kindle as much as a physical book, indeed I even use it in church.  It also has to be said that the Kindle has made the storing and reading of pdf papers and leaflets a dream.

The other thing I was slow to embrace was an electronic diary, again I actually had one years and years ago but it was unreliable and problematic to use and it was abandoned for good old pen and paper, when the batteries ran out for a second time within a month.  However that too changed, some time ago I got a new phone and discovered a handy little diary widget.  For over a year I kept both it and my filofax on the go, but increasingly although I updated my phone I didn’t always remember to do the diary too, soon the diary was so out of kilter it ended up having nothing written in it.  Everything ended up on the phone in my Google calendar which I could access on my phone or at my desk without having to go diary hunting.  It made life easier, saved a tree and unlike my paper diary beeped me 15 mins before a meeting in case I had forgotten.  So just a couple of weeks ago I made the decision not to order my new Parson’s Pocket book insert and then along came this evening.

My Google calendar is blank, nothing, zilch, nada in it, services, visits, meetings, hospital appointments, birthdays and all the other little dashes marking things I mustn’t forget gone.  Gone from the phone, gone from on-line, totally vanished as if it never existed.  Hubby and I checked on-line and it would appear that this is far from rare, mostly everything reappears in an hour or a day or so, it has now been over 3 hours and dear reader I am still waiting and getting more anxious with every passing second.  When will it return, indeed will it return?  If it doesn’t return I have no idea how I will piece together everything that has gone astray.  It is almost certain that something – probably something important – will end up being forgotten when I fill in the pages of my new paper diary which I will be using from now on never again to be seduced by the charms of an electronic one.  I had thought with Google calender I was safe, everything was still on-line even if my phone blew up, but no do not be fooled as I was, it can all just disappear and there is nothing you can do to either stop it or get it back.

I am bereft and know how Chicken Licken felt when he thought that the sky had fallen in.


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