Orkney Elementals – Air

So on to air.  Maybe due to there not being too many mountains or trees one of the things that struck me about Orkney was the big skies.

Big SkiesWe did waste many hours – although not sure you can really waste time on holiday if you are doing something you have chosen to do – so on second thoughts we spent a lot of time simply watching the changing cloud formations sweep across the massive canvas.  The colours and shapes meant that the easel and paints came out as I sat in front of the big windows trying to capture something of their beauty.

The air was also a place to be claimed, with ancient stones stabbing upwards into it:

Ring of BrodgarWho where the people who heaved and placed the stones that make up the Ring of Brodgar?  What purpose did it have, the stones grounded in the earth, placed beside the water of the Stenness lochs, some of its now knarled fingers still pointing up into the clean fresh Orkney air.

Ring of BrodgarWhile other like stone faces looking beyond the air within the ring in search of greater understanding.

Ring of BrodgarAnd still others still reaching forever upwards out of darkened days towards the hope of more light.

Ring of BrodgarThe Ring of Brodgar is a beautiful tranquil place, probably best known in Scotland for Billy Connely running around in the buff, because apparently that is what the ancients once did – yeah right.  Billy obviously didn’t do his filming on a breezy spring day, for the air that swept through that glen left us with numb ears and cheeks.  I am pleased to announce that Hubby kept his clothes on.  You can read about the Ring of Brodgar here.

Today there are more wind turbines capturing the rushing air than standing stones reaching up into it in.

While some things reach up into the air rain also showers down through it and in the big Orcadian skies you can see just where the rain is coming from and just who is currently getting wet while you stand in the sun.

Rain over thereMeanwhile each and every day the air was filled with the sound and sight of birds.  Around our temporary home it was house sparrows, starlings, mallards, chickens, swifts, herring gulls, the grouse with its early evening call for a mate and a short eared owl.  In the fields wagtails, curlews, gaggles of geese, dancing shelducks, colourful partridge, a stranded sparrowhawk and beautiful snowbuntings. Then of course on the coast the sea birds any number and variety of gulls including the fulmars with their blue lumpy beaks.  Guillemots and their bridled cousins perched in colonies on the cliffs backs turned against the spray and wind from the sea.  Cormorants standing wings stretched out on rocks, or perched high on the crows nest of one of the Churchill barrier ships.  Razorbills paired off thinking about the next generation while the turnstones kept busy doing what their name suggests.  Not forgetting the cosy eider ducks well camouflaged as if large hard pebbles when on dry land and the Ringed Plovers who are the greatest of the beach camouflage artists.  The ever present oyster catches, the cliff climbing crows and sea sprayed hooded crow and of course the puffin which I finally spied as we left the islands.  Some of these I never manged to get photos of as I was driving or they flew too fast or stayed out of range of my camera lens, others you will see pictures of over the coming weeks as one of my afternoon photographs, but for now I offer this story of the shags we happened upon.

First he had a look ...

First he had a look …

then off he flew ...

happy his mate was safe he then off he flew …

she watched him go ...

she watched him go …

then she looked around at her sister ...

then she looked around at her sister …

who seemed to be having less success with her nest ...

who seemed to be having less success with her nest.

Meanwhile her suitor still looking on from a distance - well for a while ...

Her suitor hadn’t gone far and was still looking on from a distance – well for a while …

before he decided to have a nap ,,,

before he decided to have a nap ,,,

rather than join the boys gathered on another rock ...

rather than join the boys gathered on another rock …

who were busy showing off.

who were busy showing off.

But the ladies didn't even seem to notice!

But the ladies didn’t even seem to notice further down the deep ravine cut into the tall cliffs of South Ronaldsay.


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