All Quiet on the Blog Front

Things have been quiet on here since I said I was back, two reasons mainly, firstly I had got into the habit of not blogging, secondly I’ve been on holiday.  The later will no doubt get me back in the blog habit, but probably not for a couple of days while I catch up, other than, that is to resume my daily afternoon picture later on today.

Oh and yes we did have the most wonderful holiday.  It consisted of lots of sky, birds, wind and history; significant amounts of hail, cliffs, churches and boats; a few visitors centers, lazy days, islands and mishaps; and just one puffin who is hiding in this picture playing ‘Where’s Wally’.

Finally a Puffin

Finally a Puffin

Can’t see him?  Well I am not surprised.  The puffins spent all their time hiding from us unlike the oysters catchers and fulmars who were ever present.  No matter how many cliffs we walked along, no matter how close I got to the edge before Hubby’s – he isn’t keen on heights – worried cries drew me back, no matter how many cliffs I scanned full of black and white razor bills and guillemots in the vain hope that a bright flash would also be spied near the bottom or at the top.  No matter how wet we got in the rain or how blinded we were by the sun or how blown about by the wind.  No matter how often I turned to the sea in the hope of at least a raft of them in the distance, it was only on the ferry back to the mainland from the Isles of Orkney that this one appeared.

High on the cliffs of the Isle of Switha, out he came to stand there as we headed out into the Pentland Firth and away from him.  Like some kind of watch gaurd posted to then tell the rest we had left and they could all now come out, but little did he know my zoom lens would still just about catch him.

PuffinThere he is, rubbish photo I know but he was just too far away and I was on a moving boat being tossed by the waves and even though the quality is poor I am still keeping it, well at least until I go back and get a better one.  If you like your birds then there are some treats in store with far better photographs, but probably not this week as for now it is back to the in-box and washing machine.

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