Easter Angel

Christ is Risen, Alleluia!  Alleluia, He is risen indeed.

Suffregette TeapotWhile you might think this teapot a strange picture to put up on Easter Sunday and title it Easter Angel, I think not, and I shall tell you why.

This teapot from 1910 was made for and sold at a Grand Suffrage Bazaar in 1910, there was a whole tea set.  The angel is in the green, white and violet, the colours of the movement as secret sign for those in the know, the initials of the colours holding the message: Give Women Votes; the colours were used not only in crockery but also more famously in jewelery.  The close-cropped hair, the pantaloons, the colours all speak of equality for all, no more judgement because of who God created you to be. I am not aware of this angel being used to decorate anything else, nor indeed do I know who designed it, but to me it speaks powerfully of the Easter message.  Of a new life of freedom and equality.

Christ rose not for some but for all.  The angels at the tomb spread that Good News to the women, God saw no need to wait for a man to happen by before sending his messengers to spread the joy.  God showed no partiality between male and female at that time and never did before or since, it was the human race who did that.  The Good News of the Resurrection, God’s love, is for everyone without exception.  There are those who would try to deny justice to others, who think equality should not be freely there for all, but should have conditions attached.  Those who try to do such things are not spreading the Good News of Easter nor are they spreading the love of God.  This angels’ trumpet proclaims a new world, a new life with justice, freedom, equality for all – that is what the Easter message proclaims, so this angel is indeed an Easter angel.

Christ is risen for all, Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia!  Go tell the Good News and don’t let anyone dilute it.


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