More Dust

Its stones are the place of sapphires, and its dust contains gold. – Job 28:6

We do tend to think about dust as something undesirable, we all know the feeling when we sit down after some dusting and suddenly spy a bit of dust that has manged to escaped the swish of the duster.  We don’t tend to look at it with any civility, well I don’t!  And let’s be honest if I was to say to you,  here is a present of a pile of dust, your first thought is unlikely to be a grateful thank you.

Maybe it is living in the 21st century when it can sometimes seem as if every second person has an allergy to dust, that makes us see dust as so undesirable.  If we were in Sacramento Valley in the mid 19th century, we would probably see dust very differently for it would be to the hope of gold in that dust that our minds would turn.  We would see it as something precious rather than something to be swept away.

The truth is our perceptions play a massive part in our lives, we can easily be blinkered by our preconceived ideas.  Do we have preconceived ideas about this season, are they blinkering us to the treasures that are right beneath our noses?

We might indeed be but dust, but to God the dust that we are is the kind which contains gold.  Maybe it is worth looking at Lent through God’s eyes and finding the treasure in those things we have previously seen as worthless.


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