Giving Up For Lent

Last week I joked over on facebook that I was going to give up writing sermons for Lent.  It was a bit of a joke at the time but if got me to thinking and all that thinking and a whole lot rewrites – for not writing sermons means you seem to end up writing far more stuff working how to make the service still work without a sermon – got me to this morning and standing up in front of both congregations in turn and instructing them on how we were going to spend some time in silence listening to God.

It was scary, it was a risk, but much to my surprise it worked surprisingly well, indeed I felt slightly uncomfortable on both occasions ending the silence.  Several people thanked me afterwards, saying how special they had found it and that they couldn’t remember when they had last heard silence like it in church.  I must say that the fact the congregations graciously engaged with it helped a great deal.  I was also very careful to acknowledge before we started that for some people it would be difficult and that was okay.

Am I going to do it again next week?  Well the jury is out on that, but I can say with certainty is sometime, somewhere, I will do it again, for now I know it can be a great blessing for a congregation.


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