Valentine Roses

It must have been about our third date when Hubby turned to me and said: ‘I wont ever buy you flowers!’  I must admit that it took me somewhat by surprise at the time, this statement out of the blue and me someone who likes flowers always has and I guess always will.  I was gobsmacked and think I mumbled something like, ‘Oh, okay.’

True enough he never has bought me flowers, apart from the time I slipped a bunch into a shopping trolley that he ended up paying for when we got to the checkout.  Don’t feel sorry for me, if receiving flowers had been a deal breaker I would have never married him and my daughter buys me flowers because she knows what he is like so it isn’t as if no one buys me flowers.  However on days like this I go out and buy flowers, not in self pity and not even really for myself, I buy flowers as a kind of prayer for all those who would like to have received flowers today, but haven’t for whatever reason.

So if you thought no one got you flowers today think again for here they are.

Valentine Roses

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