Order is Everything

For more years than I care to remember I have worn earings, I got my ears pierced at a relatively young age for the time, absolutely ancient nowadays I was 12.  It was a right of passage for my generation, and to ensure it didn’t happen behind the bike sheds or in someones home with a darning needle and potato, I was taken by my mother – she was having hers redone having not worn earings for many years – to a jewelers.  For a while I had to wear the boring gold sleepers, remembering to twist them around so they didn’t set into my ears and have to be yanked out with parts of earlobe and much blood, well that was how the playground stories went!  It didn’t take me long however to progress onto dangling earings which I have tended to wear for the majority of my life since.  Don’t ask me why for I am not entirely sure but I don’t wear dangling earings if I am going to be robed for worship I have a dainty pair of gold and diamond crosses for those occasions (as they were a gift on my ordination that might be the reason).  In fact, often I don’t wear anything when leading worship – anything in my ears that is, but I digress.

I have also been drying my hair with a hairdryer for nearly as long and when it is long, as it is now, that hair drying involves a lot of head and hair tossing.

Usually I don’t put on my earings until after my hair is dried, but for some unbeknown reason this morning I did just that.  On went the earings and then began the tossing of hair and head as I sung along to the radio wondering if I would still be in sync and in tune when the drone of the hairdryer disappeared.  Click off went the hairdryer, yes I was still in time, I straighten up and screamed.  The dangling earings with metals beads on the bottom slapped against my neck and sheared my flesh like a steak in a grill pan.  I twisted my head only to then brand the other side of my neck with the other earing.  Lesson learned no more putting on earings before drying my hair again.


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