Fishy Tales

Yesterday as we visited the Sealife Centre I was reminded of a book by Dr Zeus:

one fish

two fish

red fish

blue fish

It was far from easy to take pictures, firstly because the tanks were so dirty as can be clearly seen in the gunard picture above, and secondly because even the slow moving fish moved too fast in the light levels.

The Sealife Centre at Lomond Shores has two specimens they are extremely proud of, a giant pacific octopus and a giant sea turtle, both are indeed beauties, but both also chose to avoid my camera, however. The guitar fish decided it was going to be very helpful by first laying right over the tunnel for a bit:

before then helpfully deciding to have a wee rest on the bottom of the tank:

Its family likeness with others in the ray family is obvious as indeed when it is stretched out, but when lying relaxing with its ray like wings tucked up and its unusual beak it looks very different from everything else.  There is of course a ray pool there and there is nothing like the ray itself to remind every Dr Who fan of Cassandra the last human being:

There are a couple of more pictures, one fo the otters feeding, and a couple of seahorses which I will post during next week and keep an eye on Hubby’s blog as I think the turtle was more obliging to his camera.

ps and indeed he has you can find the post here


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