Next Food Fad?

I have been dipping into ‘The Diary of a Country Parson by James Woodforde, it is a fascinating, well for me at least as history does indeed fascinate me, it is a fascinating account of a very different time for example, this entry from 1763, during his final year at New College, Oxford:

Feb.17.  I dined at the Chaplain’s table with Pickering and Waring, upon a roasted Tongue and Udder, and we went on each of us for it 0.1.9.  N.B. I shall not dine on a roasted Tongue and Udder again very soon.

My grandmother used to press her own tongue and let me tell you it stank to high heaven – in fact even though by the time it had been pressed and cooled it no longer smelt as much as 1% as bad the smell alone put me off ever having it.  As for udder, well I presume it finds its way into dog food nowadays (glad I don’t eat beef sausages as it just might find its way into them too) they didn’t like to waste anything back then it was considered a delicacy and indeed still is in Italy.

As for me I think I can say with certainty that I wont be trying it very soon either, well not knowingly.


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