A Passionate Balance by Alan Bartlett

I know I have already made a couple of posts about this book, but while they have been on specifics this is a general overview.

On the whole I found the book both interesting and insightful on various levels, but I also found it a bit like reading lecture notes.  At times it is just one quote another, which in itself isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it just makes it slighty more stodgy reading than it might have been.

The book is one of the books in the ‘Traditions of Christian Spirituality Series’ and it is dealing with ‘The Anglican Tradition’ as interesting as the book is I am not sure it answered the question about what is Anglican Spirituality which I was kind of expecting, but then maybe that was my misunderstanding for there is another book in the series entitled ‘The Poetic Imagination: An Anglican Spiritual Tradition’.  The book certainly caused a good deal of discussion especially over Ramsey’s statement that episcopacy was of the essence for the Church but Anglican episcopacy wasn’t essential.  Something I kept forgetting to say at the time over that discussion but will say now is: I would love to ask Ramsey if he was inferring we should all be under Roman Catholic bishops or that we should get rid of bishops altogether in the Anglican church, I for one would be unhappy with either prospect.

There were lots of reminders within the pages of the book of books I have been meaning to read, some for many years, and I was delighted when others too expressed an interest in reading ‘The Voices of Morebeth’ and it became the book for our September meeting.

As for ‘A Passionate Balance’ would I recommend it, well, yes if you want to know something of the early years of the Church of England but if you want to learn about Anglican spirituality I doubt it (however saying that not sure I know which book I would recommend on the subject – maybe I need to read the other one in the series).  I was unable to find a copy for under £20, so if you do want to read it then I suggest that you might want to do what I did and borrow the Mission and Ministry library copy.


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