Men In Black 3

Well we’ve seen it, and we’ve seen it in 3D.  You wont miss anything seeing it in normal D, the 3D was poor and without the same amount of aliens and ectoplasam around the need for it wasn’t really there.

This is the clever cousin to Men in Black and Men in Black 2 – okay it wouldn’t be hard to be the clever cousin of MiB2 which in my book is the weakest of the three.  The story is more grown up, maybe because the writer and main characters are now 15 years older, in fact the film relies much more on the story than pervious ones.  The story, well the quick version is Boris the animal – don’t call me an animal – escapes from prison on the moon and goes back in time to kill a young Agent K before Agent K shoots off Boris’ arm and sends him to prison. The comedy is still there although on the whole it is far subtler, some of the jokes you will only get if you know the previous two films, however it is still a stand alone film too.  Josh Brolin makes a fine young Agent K and Emmy Thompson steals the camera when she makes her rare appearances as Agent O, while the Andy Warhol twist made surprising sense, which is worrying.  Neither Hubby nor I saw the twist at the end sneaking up on us, it is a classic masterpiece coming up and slapping you in the face for sleeping and not realising it all along.

Would I recommend it, well, if you like Will Smith yes, if you like MiB yes, if you have a couple of hours to kill then there is certainly worse things to do with it.  However, unless you are a die-hard MiB fan I would say wait until it comes to a TV set near you, probably at Christmas time.


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