Yesterday, 14th June, was the day that the Lutherans, the Jews, the Roman Catholics, the Eastern Orthodox and Muslims joined united in remembering the prophet Elisha.  Doesn’t it strike you that there must be something quite special about Elisha that such a cross-section remember him all these centuries on?

However we are not among them, in fact the SEC doesn’t mark any Old Testament figures in our calendar.  Last week at St Andrew’s I preached on Queen Ester, yes I know she wasn’t in the lectionary, but the Sunday School had been learning about her and it came apparent that the adults in the congregation either didn’t know anything about her or had forgotten what they once did know.

I wonder if they know about Elisha and I wonder if they would know more about him if we marked his day along with all those other people of faith.

You can read about him starting at the 1 Kings chapter 19, when he became Elijah’s assistant and on into 2 Kings.  I can never read the bit about the bottle of oil without remembering the film ‘The Bishop’s Wife’.


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