Day Off

It is a strange thing we do, we clergy, we spend much of our time caring for and tending to our flocks and then we forget about ourselves.  On the whole we don’t complain when that tending and caring eats into our day off but suddenly without realising it this happens.

It was for pastoral reasons that I agreed to do a funeral on a Friday, but I really should have also checked my diary for, I then had three events falling the following Friday that I really had to attend, then General Synod last week.  All this has meant that I have managed to miss my last three Fridays off and because of other items taking up diary space I haven’t had a free day until today.

So even though today isn’t fantastic Friday as one on my parishioners calls my days off, it is going to be a day off, now I just have to fight the need to do some housework.



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