The Olympic Torch

Today while at General Synod a lifetimes opportunity will be passing by back home as the torch makes its way through Bearsden.  A clergy colleague, who will remain nameless, did enquire as to whether I was going to be carrying the torch as he would have come to see that.  The answer was no I wasn’t and indeed aren’t, however it did make me curious as to who was carrying the torch through our community and I have to admit to being somewhat stunned when I found out.

If you go to the web site you can find out the names of the torchbearers, why they were chosen and their hometown.  We have Andrew from Kirkintilloch – just up the road and Jennifer from Biggar which is at least in Scotland although I do wonder why she isn’t doing her carrying when the torch goes through the borders next week.  I can even just about see the point of Debbie who is from London, but here come the stunning bit.  We also have Thomas from Frederiksberg, Denmark and Denis from Moscow I thought it was supposed to be about local people in local communities but apparently not, or maybe no one from Bearsden was nominated.

ps Hubby was here and you can see and read what he saw over on his blog here.


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