If you know what the title of this post means then you probably weren’t amongst those tilting their lances at the twittering community during yesterdays General Synod.  For it is with regret that I have to say that is what happened and I saw it as a very sad day for the SEC.  (For those of you who don’t know what #pisky means, the # is put in front of a word of phrase to allow others to search for a particular topic and the #pisky is commonly used for tweets – not just at General Synod time but all through the year – with a Scottish Episcopal Church slant.)  Yesterday the suggestion that General Synod tweeting should be banned was raised.

Apparently those who tweet can’t concentrate on Synod when they send under 140 characters in-between agenda items, while they were capable of juggling the three different places in the Synod papers during them.  While the suggestion that people weren’t focusing on the business on hand or taking it seriously was surreal.  There is hardly a single person during a meeting that lasts 3 days who doesn’t at least do a bit of doodling, day dreaming or even – as I have witnessed in the past – sermon writing.

Have people forgotten that the Synod is a public meeting and that anyone can either be there in person or watch it via the live online feed and then comment on it.  Just who do they envision on stopping, members of the Synod, those in the visitors gallery, those at home listening and watching, just members of the SEC, just clerics or everyone?  And just how do they propose to stop it, a Faraday cage?  As one person posted yesterday evening – the wise are just using Facebook.

The one cry that is heard time and time again, by those who listen, is people complaining that they don’t know what is going on.  So mounting the charger to stop a way that communication does happen seems to me to be somewhat bizarre.

Surely there is nothing to fear from a little blue bird.


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