Inchmahome Priory

Inchmahome Priory is situated on the Island of Inchmahome which in turn is the biggest of three islands on the only natural lake in Scotland, the Lake of Menteith.  (There are some man-made bodies of waters called lakes and those who would argue it is a loch called ‘The Lake of Menteith’.)

A trip on the cuddy boat ferry and in under 10 minutes you are on the island.  When you land right beside the Priory you can head straight to it, or do what we did and firstly take a walk all the way around the island.  It is a wonderful calm and peaceful place and rich in wildlife and an old wood full of traditional trees.

The Priory itself was founded in 1238 by the then Earl of Menteith, Walter Comyn and it is said that Mary Queen of Scots sought sanctuary in the Priory from the Black Canons of the Augustinian order in 1547 when she was still a young girl.


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