Black or White

On Saturday off I went to St Bride’s for some confirmation, confermation, affirmation/baptism classes, well not classes in that sense but some CMD.

Back in 2006 the new Baptism rite and associated Affirmation rite was authorised for use.  Personally I am a great fan of it for a number of reasons, although I also struggle with what I see as a degree of murkiness it has created.  I don’t think that should be seen as a bad thing, in fact I think the whole mystery of God spills over into any sacrament so the elements which we can’t quite grasp or explain are just fine by me.  There was some good discussion and debate, and a fair degree of rubbing of chins and talk of further reflection being needed.

Time and time again we kept coming back to regardless of what we said liturgically and theologically, pastoral we might deal with baptism/affirmation/confirmation differently.  St Bride’s is a beautiful building – we were meeting in the nave – and at one point I was struck by how the highly polished checkerboard floor of the choir reflected the high altar.

Can faith, can initiation, can admittance to communion ever be a simple case of black or white?


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