Jubilee Flowers

Yesterday the sun was shone for the first day of the annual St Andrew’s Flower Festival:-

There was a bit of a Jubilee theme going on, some of the arrangements are sporting patriotic red, white and blue:-

While others are finely dressed in purple and white echoing the 21ft ermine-trimmed velvet Purple Robe of Estate Queen Elizabeth wore after her coronation:-

or a rainbow of celebratory colour:-

The festival continues today from 10am until 4pm so if you want to see the displays in full, rather than these wee snippets, why not pop along?

Meanwhile down the road if planting is more your thing then why not pop along to All Saints with your trowel and give a helping hand with the planting of the Jubilee garden from 9am.

Maybe you will even manage to fit in both in.  If you do I would suggest All Saints first then off to St Andrew’s for the Flower Festival before popping into Friendship House for a cuppa and a slice of gingerbread.

I on the other hand am off to confirmation classes!


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