The Fall and Human Failure – an exploration

That was the title of Bishop Gregor’s lecture latest lecture that took place last night at All Saints and an exploration it most certainly was.  There is stuff to ponder but what struck me most forcibly was something that I was most probably already well aware of but had fallen into that all too familiar chasm of familiarity.

The collects seem to relish in our ‘fallen nature’, even collects for joyous occasions.  On Easter Day that most joyous of festivals we are told that we have to ‘die daily to sin’.  Oh dear, Christ’s death and resurrection isn’t enough, boy it is no wonder many believe ‘there is no health in us’, if our Lord’s passion and the Love of God in raising him again from the dead isn’t enough.  In fact the majority of collects seem to suggest we are no more than ‘miserable offenders’, which seems odd when they are supposed to collect the theme of the day together in a prayer and most readings aren’t like that, or are they?


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