I’m Sorry

I don’t know how it happens, but it seems to happen around me a lot.  I know there are those that would claim it is probably all my fault, but honestly it isn’t – not all of it.

It happens at the most surprising of moments but also at times when I just know it is coming.  It has happened with the last people I would have never expected it from and also from people for whom I am not in the least surprised.

What am I talking about – rebellion that is what.

Over the weekend the Diocese of Glasgow and Galloway hosted over 50 members of staff from the Diocese of Gothenburg, three ended up at All Saints.  I would love to know show you some pictures, but I picked up a camera without a battery.  After a quick tour of the local churches, the Roman Baths and of course the service, Sabina, Jakob and Mikael were introduced to some Scottish delicacies – Haggis, Scotch Pies, Salmon, Scottish Cheeses, Oatcakes, Tunnocks caramel wafers and tea cakes, Clootie dumpling and Cranachan – the last three were extremely popular! – then it seemed only right and proper that they also sampled some whisky.  Now of course we could have just poured them a dram but we decided that they could do that back home so instead we headed up to the local distillery for a tour and buying spree before ending the afternoon having theological discussions over coffee.  So what you might be wondering am I sorry about and where is the rebellion.  Well they were supposed to be touring the Cathedral rather than a distillery and having, well I don’t know what kind of discussions elsewhere, rather than coffee in the Rectory, plus I had been the one who had agreed to get them back 2 hours before they actually got back to the Cathedral so I feel that I should apologise, however.

For the record I wish to state it was a rebellion, but I was not the cause.

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