Patron Saint of Coach Travellers?

I know I am a week late (her feast day is 8th May) and I also know that Julian of Norwich isn’t the patron saint of coach travellers – indeed she isn’t even a saint – but as a number of St Andrew’s congregation are off to Norfolk this week I found myself dipping into her ‘Revelations of Divine Love’.  They are making an 11 hour coach journey, not my idea of fun at all, so I went looking for some words of comfort to sustain them on their journey.

God did not say, ‘You will never have a rough passage, you will never be over-strained, you will never feel uncomfortable’, but he did say ‘You will never be overcome’.


2 thoughts on “Patron Saint of Coach Travellers?

  1. Thanks for the dose of Julian (who actually *is* a saint in the Episcopal Church USA), and for describing your children as “friends whom you once gave birth to.” I hope to say the same of mine (9 yr old twins) as the years pass. BTW: I’ve been twice to Glasgow and found it a tremendous place with lovely people. I’d go back in a heartbeat. Peace to you & happy ministering. If you find yourself in Boston, do visit the church I serve, Good Shepherd, Watertown (where we quote Julian a lot!).


    • Amy thank you for popping by, Julian is an inspiration and in my book certainly deserves her sainthood. If I am ever Boston way I will certainly pay you a visit as I hope you will to me should you ever make it back to Glasgow. Blessings K


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