It is always difficult to know just what you might see when you go waterfall hunting:

This water is heading towards Loch Maree not the Indian Ocean and does not live up to its more famous namesake ‘The Smoke That Thunders’ or the Victoria Falls.  Easy to get to but not easy to photograph as there were trees both dead and alive in the way.

One of the things about heading into any mountainous region is that you will find pretty little falls like this one of which there are so many that they are not named.

You also might walk for miles only to discover when you arrive that a particular waterfall – this is Flowerdale – it is almost dry.  You get a glimpse of the glories it might offer if you time your return visit for a time just after plenty of rain, but not too soon after or the pathway will be so boggy you might never arrive!

We had hoped to see the Falls of Measach, but they were shut!  So this one has to be my favorite waterfall of the holiday:-

downstream from the Flowerglen Waterfall but after about the same body of water had joined the volume that comes over that high waterfall.  It reminds me of a cup, or sink or bath overflowing and has a delightful miniature waterfall flowing down the left hand side which probably you don’t get to see at all when the river is in full spate.


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