Welcoming Weary Fishers on the Shore

I love the current Eucharistic prayer as it poetically lists the resurrection appearances.  Every time we looked out of the window while on holiday there was at least one boat and my favorite line was a constant companion helping me truly relax on holiday:

‘welcoming weary fishers on the shore’

You don’t need to be a fisher or be on a shore, all that is needed is to know that if, or should that be, when, you are weary Christ will be there waiting to welcome you.  I don’t need to be on holiday to just feel the tiredness of the day sweep away with those words, the worries dissolve if only for a while before I grab them back.  However for that moment my body, soul and mind totally relaxes and rests with God.

The greatest joy of the holiday was I spent the majority of the two weeks not dragging myself back from that bliss, because there was work to do and things to be getting on with, but being able to just be and revel in the welcome and rest.


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