These tadpoles weren’t in a the quiet shallows of a river or in a pond or even in a loch, no these tadpoles had started their journey of transformation in a puddle on a track.  We think they got there having overflowed from a culvert, we wondered if they would make their full metamorphosis before being eaten up as easy pickings – although they did seem to have mastered the art of burying themselves in the mud – or the puddle dried up.  Would they ever know what it is to be a frog or toad?  Would they ever know what is was to be in more than an inch of water?  Would they ever develop legs and lose their gills?  For us the sun was glorious for them it would, should it, continue dry up the water they needed.

Do you ever look back on your life and wonder just how you ended up where you are now?

Do you ever wonder if your metamorphosis is complete or still on going?

Do you ever wonder where you might be journeying to and if you will ever make it?


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