It flew low and fast right in front of where we were walking – at the time we were heading over some peat moors up in Sutherland – I struggled to follow it and then after it landed it took my eyes a while to adjust and see it camouflaged as it was in the rough undergrowth.  Really I was too far away and usually I would immediately dump photographs of this quality but my curiosity has the better of me and I wonder if there is anyone out there that can help me in identifying just what it was that I saw.

There are three very poor photographs taken on full optical zoom and then further blown up once I had them on here.  One photograph appears to have two youngsters in, but what species?  The other two are of two separate birds but which of them is the parent or are they both?   What exactly is going on?  I have my theories but they are no more than that so any light anyone can shed would be most welcomed.


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