Development Opportunity

As I said yesterday Hubby and I have been on holiday, the destination wasn’t some distant shore or cultural hot spot but rather the beautiful, stately, awesome ruggedness of Wester Ross.  A corner of this wonderful country where the barren mountains and heather covered peat bogs meet the soft sandy beaches and jagged harsh rocks; where the silence is still and deep and real; where you can drive for over 50 miles and not meet another car; where you can walk for over an hour and not meet another person; where you can have the whole of a sandy beach to yourself and sit in the warm sunshine eating your picnic, even in April; where you can stand in the biting wind and watch the aquamarine crystal clear water turn white as it crashes upon the rocks; where the wildlife claims its right to be there, because it was there first; where God abides.  You might have gathered by now that I am very fond of this far western corner of Scotland, however Hubby had never been so off we went and almost straight away he too fell in love with the place, in fact it didn’t take him long to declare that he could quiet happily live there.

So at the end of a long single track road, with the mountains behind, a sandy beach in front a rocky outcrop to the side and the Isle of Skye in the distance this development opportunity really caught our imagination.


3 thoughts on “Development Opportunity

  1. It sounds like a truly wonderful place! A picnic in such amazing surroundings, it sounds perfect!

    My Grannie was born in Caithness, up the top of Scotland, before her family shifted to NZ when she was a young girl. I’ve seen a bit of Scotland down the bottom, but I’m looking forward to the day I can visit up north and see it’s beauty for myself!


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