Pondering the Questions

Did you notice that ‘and’ hidden in last Sundays Gospel from Mark?

In among all those other familiar words for Easter Sunday a common word that is so easy to overlook but this time it struck me like never before in fact it was one of those moments when you suddenly actually see something that has always been there and immediately questions jumped into my head, questions that have been travelling with me this Easter week:

  • why was that ‘and’ in between the disciples and Peter?
  • was it that Peter was not physically in the same place as disciples?
  • was it because Peter was still bitterly weeping elsewhere?
  • or was it that Peter, because of his denial was no longer considered one of the disciples?
  • who no longer considered him as such the women?
  • the other disciples?
  • the young man dressed in white?
  • Peter himself?

The Common English Bible translates it as ‘especially Peter’ as if this strange young man dressed in white knew that this was news that Peter needed to know more than anyone else.  Was Peter now so full of remorse for his denial that he was in danger of following Judas’ path?

One little word, so many questions, and a week later not sure I really have any answers, the pondering continues.


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