Good Friday

I have posted a picture of this cross before, and I have also previously written about the passion-flower, however I felt that today being Good Friday I would link the two.

The Passion Flower gets its name from the Passion of Christ on the cross. The 72 radial filaments represent the Crown of Thorns. The ten petals represent the ten faithful apostles. The 3 stigma represent the 3 nails while the 5 stamens represent Christ’s wounds.  There are two types of leaf on the passion-flower one is singular appearing just below a flower (there are none portrayed on this cross) and represents the spear that placed the wound in Jesus’ side, the other split in several parts is said to represent the hands of the soldiers dicing over his clothes.  After a single day the petals close symbolizing Jesus enclosed in the tomb.  The white petals have come to represent the purity of Jesus and the clinging tendrils the whips with which he was lashed.


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