Christ’s Maundy Thursday Victory

100+ people, most for the first time, sat or knelt in silence – you could’ve heard a pin drop between the odd sniffle as they kept the vigil.

Okay they didn’t keep it for long but they kept it Baptist, CofS, Pisky, RC and Coptic, side by side in the near dark.

Most appeared to leave reluctantly not realising they could have stayed, but I felt for the first time it didn’t matter that they left, Christ might have been arrested but he had won.

They left in muted silence, some with reddened eyes, some with hesitate smiles, some with warm hugs and whispered shaloms, some with downcast faces, some fidgeting with the order of service, some with mouthed thank yous, all with a gentle presence surrounding and seeping from them.

For the first time ever I felt that the Church could be one.

I know it wont last but tonight I consider myself blessed indeed, tonight I glimpsed paradise.


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