Pirates on the Clyde

No Scotland hasn’t moved to the African Coast and suffering from those kind of pirates, these ones are the Robin Hood variety and included my daughter.  I was at church this morning when she launched herself off the 165ft high Finnieston Crane on Clydeside to raise money for the Stroke Association but Hubby popped along to give her moral support and take a few photos.  He did say that watching was scary enough for him, he is not a fan of heights.

Glasgow blessed those who were giving up their time a glorious day for a plummet, can’t help thinking we should have sent a camera up there with her for the views.

Although it was a Pirate Plummet apparently daughter was the only one who had gone to any effort.

Before she could abseil down she first had to climb up the cranes rusty steps …

… then having got to the top she had to make her way along the 253ft cantilever jib to the end …

… before climbing over the edge …

… and out into the wild blue yonder …

… until terra firma is reached once more.

One happy pirate mission accomplished and all done on her birthday too.


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