Fire and Ice

Kerið Volcano, Golden Circle

This photograph is on my screen saver, but as I have so many on there, and as usually the screen saver kicks in when I am not at the laptop it took me by surprise when I spied it yesterday, it looks so fitting for the season.  It was taken when we were in Iceland and hasn’t been tinkered with, that really was the colours of this volcano and its associated lake.  It last erupted around 3,500BC, so the scientists say.   Once molten rock poured from that gash in the earth, when we were there only rock hard, stone cold ice lay in its crater.

Both stages of this volcanos life have its own beauty.  I wasn’t around in 3,500BC – no I wasn’t – so have no idea what this particular volcano looked like as molten lava, rocks, ash, steam and fire shot into the air, but I have seen pictures of other volcanos in full blast and they are awesome.  What this photograph reminded me of was that the violence, noise and destruction of an erupting volcano can also bring about such serene, peaceful beauty and that can happen in people’s lives too.

It also reminds me of the blog that Kimberly organises during Lent that I have been very remiss in reminding you all of Beauty from Chaos, go have a look, better still bookmark it, add it to your blog roll or sign up for the feed.


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