St David

Today is St David’s Day.

David, or Dewi, was a monk and a bishop in the sixth century,  He is said to have based his Rule for his monasteries on that of the Egyptian desert monks, with a strong emphasis on hard work, abstinence from alcohol and refraining from unnecessary speech (unnecessary speech being anything that wasn’t prayer or an emergency).

It would appear it is highly appropriate that the day the church remembers him usually falls in Lent.  So to honour both our Welsh cousins and St David’s Rule of Life  I thought I would share this with you, it is the Collect for Purity in Welsh.

Hollalluog Dduw, i ti y mae pob calon yn agored, pob dymuniad hysbys, a phob dirgel yn amlwg: Glanha, gan hynny, feddyliau I ein calonnau trwy ysbrydoliaeth dy Lân Ysbryd, fel y gallom dy garu di’n berffaith, a mawrhau’n deilwng dy Enw santaidd; trwy Grist ein Harglwydd. Amen.


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