Clearing Out The Gutters For Lent

It is recommended, especially if you live near trees, that you should clean out your gutters after the leaves have fallen so that they don’t block your gutters and cause water ingress into your home.  Well in this country it is recommended, but in Norway the story is somewhat different.

This house is part of the Romsdal Folk Museum in Romsdal, Norway.  The Norwegians were onto the whole idea of covering your roof with grass instead of tiles long before it became the thing of the eco-set, this home missed one of the vital necessities for a grass roof, that is the need to occasionally put a sheep or goat up on it for never mind leaves in the gutters, you don’t want a tree growing out of your roof for pretty soon the roots will work their way into your home and your home will be no more.

Just as pleasure and pain are two plants growing from the body and the soul, so there are many offshoots of these plants, each of which the master cultivator, reason, weeds and prunes and ties up and waters and thoroughly irrigates, and so tames the jungle of habits and emotions.

4 Maccabees 1:28-29

Taming the jungle of our habits and emotions that sounds very Lenten indeed doesn’t it – maybe it is time to check the roof.


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