The 40 Acorn Challenge – Ideas

Have you picked up the challenge?

I am not going to post on here each day what I have decided to do every day for the challenge, as I think that slightly spoils the point of it, it shouldn’t be about saying look what I’ve done but about doing something because it should be done and for no personal gain.  However I was asked for some ideas to help you on your way so here goes.

  • If you click here you will be taken to Christian Aid’s site were one of your options could be to purchase 20 fruit trees  – Fruit trees could provide healthy, nutritious fruit for struggling families in and around Jinotega, one of the poorest areas of Nicaragua.  They also allow farmers to diversify their income, so that they are not dependent on growing just coffee.  This ensures they have a more secure livelihood.
  • It doesn’t need to have anything to do with trees at all though, you could search out a local project to clean up a river which has been used as a dumping ground or become overgrown.   Rivercare might be your starting point click here.
  • Do a similar thing off your own bat.  Take a bin bag a pair of thick gloves and go and pick up some litter, be careful what you pick up and where you pick it up remember safety first even when litter picking.
  • Back to planting, anyone who arranges flowers in churches will know the constant quest for greenery, yet many churches don’t have the right kind of greenery in their gardens if indeed they have any at all.  Why not plant a holly tree or an evergreen shrub in your church – ask permission first don’t want you digging up the graveyard!
  • This might seem ridiculously simple but if you aren’t already doing so, recycle!  Not just the paper and glass but everything you can.
  • Or recycle one step further, lots of charities can use items which tend to be thrown away why not become a collector of stamps in your work place The Brittle Bone Society is just one of them, they take not only stamps but postcards and coins too.
  • Volunteer for a local community project, there are loads of them about with lots of different jobs that need doing there will certainly be something that you have the skills to help with.
  • And if you are feeling adventurous how about this a sky dive for the Stroke Association.  There are of course other charities who raise money through events like this so if jumping out of a plane isn’t your thing then why not find out just what your favourite charity has planned and considered doing that.

The aim isn’t to do something different every day, or even necessarily something new to you every day, and as I hope these examples also show it doesn’t need to cost you anything in monetary terms every day, it is simply to plant an acorn every day to do something that benefits someone else every day during Lent.


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