The Nail by Stephen Cottrell

Following on from yesterday afternoon’s post I want to share with you another birthday present which gets top marks, Bishop Stephen Cottrell’s new book, The Nail.  With Lent fast approaching this would make a good book to use as personal study during Lent and I am sure that there are clergy out there who will be also using it as at least the basis for Holy Week.

The book comes in three parts and there are suggestions for how to use it for a Lent course.  The first part (this is the part suggested for a Lent study Group) looks at six of the characters who are part of the Passion story – namely Peter, the centurion, Pontius Pilate, Caiaphas, Judas and Mary Magdalene) and how they played a role in hammering in the nails.  The second part is looks at the events from Pilate’s wife dream and fears of further dreaming.  While the final chapter and part asks the question – Will you let Jesus forgive you?  A question which is well worth contemplating even if you don’t read the book, but my recommendation is that you read the book.


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