But Zadok Was AWOL

Yesterday, a day early, All Saints marked the accession 60 years ago today of Queen Elizabeth II by crowning, robing, and generally kiting out king Neill.  His big brother wasn’t too keen about the whole having to pay homage to his younger sibling and was somewhat relieved when Neil’s reign was even shorter than that of Lady Jane Grey.  Of course you don’t need me to tell you it took over a year before the Queen’s coronation service actually took place, the day when one of the richest people in the world is handed a Bible and told:-

… the most valuable thing this world affords …

Not having access to the Crown Jewels and not being able to buy an orb anywhere I had to set about making one.

It turned out satisfactory enough and fairly illustrated the words which are said when the orb is presented:-

Receive this orb set under the cross and remember that the whole world is subject to the power and empire of Christ.

Talking with some members of the congregation after the service we did wonder how the next coronation might change.  There has been much talk in the past about Prince Charles wanting to be defender of faiths, rather than defender of the faith, words which are spoken at the handing over of the ring and also as part of the oath.  However throughout the service there are constant references to the Kingship of Christ, to things only being able to done with God’s help, and probably most controversial of all the instruction to the new monarch to protect the Holy Church of God as the sword of state is presented.  Sixty years is a long time but as a British monarch is reminded when the crown is placed upon their head the time will come when their reign will end, but Christ’s reign is an everlasting kingdom and it endures forever.  I  don’t expect that we will see a new monarch any time soon, especially if our current queen has her mother’s long-lived genes, but I can see much debate and discussion at some point in the future when a new British monarchs’ coronation is being planned.

Oh and the title of this post, well the one thing that was missing this morning I hadn’t let the organist in on what I was up to and primed her to play Zadok the Priest as we led the newly crowned king to be enthroned with his somewhat surprised newbie bishop – now there was an opportunity missed.


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