Radio Blackout

The radiotherapy is finished it seems to have made a difference although the doctor says that it wont be until a check-up in a couple of weeks tine before they are prepared to commit themselves.

As a souvenir I got to bring home my mask.  From the expression on the face of the radiography it is obviously not a commonly made request.

The stickers with all the marks on them that they used to line me up had to be removed because of – are you ready for it – contamination control!  Neither of us were very sure as to why the stickers mattered and the mask didn’t.  There was a sticker either side of my head just below each temple and another one down the bridge of my nose, but they are no more.  The black sections are how the mask was attached to the table.

So, dear reader, you too might be wondering why I wanted my mask, well I will tell you.  I am sure it will make a good sermon illustration at some point and I am always on the look out for them as it is easier to pick them up when the opportunity arises than to suddenly try to find something suitable in the week before.

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