The Artist

I think this is going to turn out being one of those Marmite films, you will either love it or hate it.

In case you haven’t yet heard about ‘The Artist’ is a silent black and white film – apart from a couple of very clever uses of sound.  The critics love it and I can see why, it is a film lovers film whose wit comes in no small part from knowledge of other films – but you don’t need to be a major film buff to see echos of Singin’ in the Rain and possibly others of the many more films that are hinted.  The story line isn’t new, but it is a new take on that tale that will probably always be told, for change is a constant travelling companion with Homo sapiens regardless of the era they reside in.

The film is done a dis-service if it is simply seen as a silent black and white film, it is novel and smart for it would have been so easy to do it differently, to make it less silent add a touch of colour to attempt to make it more clever, and in doing so it would have both lost some of the films power and made it seem a little clichéd.  The sound is a tremendous part of the film as is the cinematography, which may seem a very strange thing to be saying about a silent black and white film.

So the critics love it and so do I (Hubby enjoyed it too), I think it will be one of the films that will be much talked about during this year, but would I recommend you going to see it?  Well, I think it is one of those films that benefits from being seen on the big screen so I would say don’t wait for it to appear on the TV for firstly I think that there is a chance – that even if it wins the Oscars it deserves – the TV channels won’t touch it and secondly I don’t think it will work anywhere near as well on the small screen – even if they do and you have a 55″ screen.  So if you have an inclination to see it then yes I would recommend you went to see it on the big screen.  If you don’t yet have the inclination then maybe this trailer will give it to you.


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