St Andrew

Today is St Andrew’s day the Patron saint of Scotland and of St Andrew’s Milngavie, which also by default means in these parts he is also the patron saint of fish suppers, as tonight after our Patronal Festival we will all tuck into fish and chips.

The picture above is a roof boss from Dryburgh Abbey showing St Andrew on his distinctive cross.  There are lots of stories about Andrew, from why he was crucified on a X-shaped cross, to how he came to Patron Saint of Scotland and as is often the case with the stories of the saints it can be hard to separate fact from later embellishments.  One of the things we hear is that Andrew was the first evangelist, going to tell his brother Peter that the Messiah had arrived, so I think it is highly appropriate that his feast day usually falls inside Advent.  St Andrew’s was prepared to follow, he was prepared to tell others, he was and is an Advent saint, the dawn of a new beginning and someone who we would do well to learn from.

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