Double Feature

Well we couldn’t quite agree on which film to see, there were four on the short list, so we decided to revisit our childhoods and go for a Friday double feature of our own making.  Whatever happened to double features?

The Help – My choice, but Hubby enjoyed it more than he thought he was going to.  While in many ways it was beautifully shot there was something about the shooting which also made it seem too modern.  The costumes were fab, but the hairstyles again were too modern, maybe I am being picky or maybe there was some subtle and clever cinematography and production to underline what for me was one of the most powerful things about the film which I hadn’t been expecting.

The racism – I knew it was a major part of the film – but I wasn’t expecting it to shock and bring me up time and time again, especially with the realisation that such attitudes not only existed but also were seen as acceptable even main stream in my life time.  It wasn’t until the credits were running – which I always like to stay for – that I started to wonder if there was also mind games being played with the music.

I rejoice at how far things have come while shuddering that bigotry is still alive and well today, however I’m not sure if there was some clever stuff being done in the production department to make that very point or it was more simply the films topic bringing to the foreground of my mind the fact that justice and equality is still far from complete and is still alive and well in my children’s lifetime in a whole host of guises.

A film to challenge and inspire, to tempt the tear ducts into action and laugh out loud, and while Hubby commented that he was one of only two males in the cinema it isn’t a chick flick.  I now need to read the book.

Johnny English Reborn – Okay it might have been a bit predictable but there was certainly never a dull moment and even a sprinkle of surprises.   If you want to while away 101 effortless minutes then this one might be for you.

Oh and one of the bonuses of being one of the saddos who likes to read and see the credits is that occasionally you get rewarded with a little extra and Johnny English Reborn is one such occasion.  I’m not going to tell you what it is, I will just say that if there is something not quite right about the take away scene to you either then it will all make sense if you stay to the end of the credits.


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