The Gallery – Guilty Pleasure

So the theme is guilty pleasure where do I start I thought, Then after some more thinking I decided that there was actually just the one which should I have to forgo forever would make me very sad indeed, my car pictured here outside the cottage we go to in Argyll.

Strange guilty pleasure you might say, but I really should have a car that I can transport people and things in, I really should have a car that is less showy and greener, I really should have a car that would have been of use to son when he moved out, I really should have a car that I don’t have to apologise for, but I don’t and nor do I want to.

12 thoughts on “The Gallery – Guilty Pleasure

  1. Ha ha Good for you! Sadly I do have a very practical Citroen Picasso which is also is in dire need of a good clean. It has a marvellous mpg, always ready to rumble and has a boot that I can get half the house in but I would so much prefer a GP car like yours


  2. We almost bought an MX-5, using the lines of “we’re not having kids, so we don’t need back seats” and “we can get another one for transporting things in” – thankfully we decided not to buy one, because we now have a child 🙂

    However in saying that, my understanding is that the MX-5 is one of the best “drivers” cars out there, so good choice.


    1. Indeed David, no room for the baby seat – but if you ever decide to get a car that doesn’t need room for a baby or child then a MX5 is indeed a great car to drive.


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