The Gallery – A Happy Memory

I consider myself very fortunate – for despite the sadness and misery that has been in my life, for all lives have their share of them – in balance the happy times have far outweighed the unhappy ones.  So when I saw this weeks theme for the Gallery a whole host of memories came flooding to mind.  Now don’t get me wrong in what I am about to say,  but what slowly began to dawn on me was that some of the happiest memories of all don’t have a picture to recall them, they are to do with feelings, emotions, an instant in time which a camera, be it on film or chip didn’t record and maybe could never have recorded.  Some photographs did also come to mind, I even looked a couple out, but the memory wasn’t in them it was in me.  A smile, a twinkle of an eye, even a laugh can be captured but the photographs didn’t capture the memory they were a springboard to it.  So I found myself stumped and decided that maybe this week I wouldn’t take part in the Gallery.

But then with the bright sun blinding me as the clouds played chase with the wind across the bright blue sky I changed my mind and took this picture.

Our memories are formed on the canvas of our lives, the happy ones on the bright blue skies that gladden our hearts, they might not mean the same or even anything to others, but to us they become precious and special, landmarks in our lives.

This may be but one picture but it brings back so many happy memories.  The cloud when I first saw it looked very like a duck (okay by the time I got my camera out and took the picture the wind had distorted it a bit but I hope you can still see a duck there too, its beak on the far right, its webbed feet paddling under the imaginary waterline).  That of course reminded me of my daughter (for those of you who don’t know she is duck daft, she is even called Ducky by her friends) my heart warmed with happy memories; one of those memories in particular came to the fore when she, my mother and son on a similarly bright sunny day stood at Culzean Castle quacking at the ducks until the quacks turned into uncontrollable laughter; happy memories of times spent with my own grandparents took over, memories on the beach by their home with them; happy memories of other beaches and other people who had been with me on those occasions began to form; before I knew it seemed as if one cloud had become more memories than there are stars in the heavens as happy memories of scores of different people in a myriad of different times and places flooded my mind, some of which if you had asked a minute earlier about I might have even told you I had forgotten.

Why not click the cool lens mug below and pop over and see how much more successful other people have been than me at capturing that one happy memory in a picture.


6 thoughts on “The Gallery – A Happy Memory

    • Paula, how wonderful as that triggers off another memory for me – daughter decided she wanted a tatoo and took my advice to keep it small and somewhere she could hide it if she wanted to – when she showed it to me I said ‘oh what a cute seahorse’, she said ‘It’s a dragon Mum!’


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