All The G’s

Yesterday, (yes I know it was Super Friday as my day off is referred to by certain members of the congregations, and no I am not back at work I am still signed off by the GP) nevertheless yesterday I took a trip to the Cathedral for a meeting on the Diocesan Growth Strategy.

This will be so much part of all that we do and plan at both congregational and diocesan level in the future that I had been keen to attend one of the day which was being held this week.  As driving is still no longer an option a trip over the bridge down into Ayrshire, which would have been my first option had my health not been in the equation, was not possible.  Super Friday saw Hubby taking me over to the Cathedral to work for the first time since Easter and deal with some of the brain fog which as my health improves I am becoming more and more conscious of.

It was a good day, good to spend time with my peers, to catch up on how other people are, to start to sift through my grey cells how the strategy might be worked out in this corner of the vineyard.  This is a long-term not a flash in the pan process and can not even begin at either St Andrew’s or All Saints until I am back at work, but that doesn’t stop my brain whirring with the excitement of the possibilities and challenges that lay ahead.


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