No Eyes to See But Ears to Listen – Books 2 & 3

I’ve had an e-mail asking me when I will fill in the gap and say what books 2 and 3 were.  Well dear reader it bamboozled me for a bit, well more than a bit it still does, for there was indeed a post with said books but it appears to have vanished.  So this is a far briefer account of the missing books for those who didn’t see it first time around and are also wondering but haven’t asked.  As I am not sure when or how it disappeared I am also dating it roughly when I think I posted the original.

Mystical Paths by Susan Howatch – The second of her Starbridge series but the first book of her I have ever read/listened to, despite numerous prompts from RevRuth, how remiss of me to let them pass me by.  Nick Darrow, son of John, is an ordinand who struggles to discover that he can be wrong as he tries to unravel the mystery of Christian Aysgarth’s death.  It a story of love and discovery with a touch of farce.  A real good read I will be catching up with the rest of the series and other of Howatch’s books once the eyes return.

Reading Mystical Paths reminded me of Jonathon Coe‘s What A Carve Up, so I went on a search and listened to the beautiful The Rain Before It Falls, which is very different from Carve Up.  As death draws near Rosamund wants Imogen to know the story of her life and family and does so by leaving a series of tapes telling the story through describing a series of pictures.  However it is not Imogen who hears the tapes and tries to grasp the rain before it falls once more.

This book works very well on audio as it is written as a narration I felt as if I was sitting in that attic flat listening with the others listening first ever telling of the tale.  A moving story of love and betrayal, of forgiveness and of not leaving it too late to ask or give it.


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